Why Us?

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In addition to the standard Fargo Courier liability, we can provide insurance to all our online and contracted customers. Simply follow the instructions online or contact our customer care team to find out more.

why us

As a transport and logistics company, Fargo Courier’s primary focus is to continuously bridge the gap between people, processes and technology. This approach ensures our ability to recommend optimal shipping solutions with a wide range of efficient and cost-saving benefits specifically designed to meet our customers’ current and future shipping needs.

Here are some of the key elements of our service

  • Over a decade of experience in Kenya and a trusted partner in the provision of customized courier solutions.
  • Countrywide network with adequate resources, delivering to every corner of Kenya.
  • Strong management structures and controls.
  • Effective and customized training for all staff from our in-house training school.
  • Partnered with three airlines for same day services to major cities.
  • Proof of Delivery services upon request.
  • High levels of staff discipline and smartness.
  • Compliance with the law including Labor Laws.
  • High levels of customer relationship management and a 24hr contact center.
  • A professional door-to-door service with a timely focus.
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