What is Fargo Courier Track and Trace

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When you need to send large volumes of parcels every month, We highly recommend Courier Account for you where you only get billed at the end of the month. Talk our Customer Care for more information about Courier Accounts.

Track and Trace is a Fargo courier service that was launched in February 2016 allowing us to be the first courier company in the region to allow users to track their parcels.

1. How does Track and Trace work?

For walk-in clients, we explain using the scenario below

  • Sender (Omollo) in Town A sends a parcel to Receiver (Wanjiru) in town B
  • Omollo asks for a unique Waybill Number (parcel number) from the courier agent serving him. Or uses an MPESA confirmation code.
  • Parcel is dispatched from town A to town B
  • Omollo or Wanjuru visits www.fargocourier.co.ke and uses his assigned waybill number/ MPesa confirmation code to track his parcel
  • Wanjiru receives the parcel and Signs as having received
  • Website gets updated in real-time that Wanjiru has received the parcel and has signed.

For Account Clients, we explain using the scenario below

  • Sender (Company A or Individual with volumes) in Town A sends parcels to various destinations in a month
  • Parcel is dispatched from town A or any other town to various destinations
  • Company A visits www.fargocourier.co.ke and uses their assigned username/ account reference and password to log into the system.
  • Company A gets billed by Fargo Courier only at the end of the month
  • Company A can view all shipments they have made in the last 7 months.
2. what do I need to track my parcel?
  • After filling in the details on where the parcel needs to be shipped to, always ask to be provided with the courier waybill number or ask your MPesa number to be activated (if you paid via Mpesa). You will use this waybill number to track your parcel. Just input your waybill number on the field provided and click on ‘Track parcel’.
  • For account clients, contact Our Customer Retention or customer care team to be issued with logins team.



The following is a brief explanation of the documentation process of courier services from the collection point to the delivery point.

1. Collection Booking

When a client calls for courier collection, the collection will be booked by the controller who in turn generate collection in system and allocate the generated collection to Fargo Staff who is supposed to visit the Clients premises to do the collection.

2. Waybill creation

At the clients premises the Fargo courier staff creates the waybill that clearly captures both the consignor and consignee details in the Mobile collection gadget, After creating waybill He gives the client waybill number and he takes the properly packed parcel to fargo hub for further courier process before delivery.

Note at this point the waybill status reads “Imported “that means the waybill has been created but is yet to be handed over into the Fargo hub for further process.

3. At the Hub

When the Collecting staff hands over (debriefs) the collected courier item from the field the status of the waybill changes to either “to deliver” or “to manifest”. To deliver waybills are waybills for items that are not supposed to taken to a different branch that is they are delivered within the branch, While to manifest waybills are waybills for items that are going to another branch i.e. from Nairobi to Mombasa.

4. Parcels to branches (To Manifest)

The said parcels will be sorted and loaded in to the truck that is destined to the specified consignee branch indicated on the parcel, at this point the waybill status will be “In transit”

5. At the receiving branch (To Manifest)

Up on reaching the receiving branch the parcel is offloaded from the truck and the waybill status changes “to deliver”. Immediately delivery manifest is prepared and the parcel is scanned out for delivery.

Note that the waybill status changes to “On delivery”.

6. POD Stage.

When the parcel reaches the consignee premises, the consignee signs the proof of delivery (POD) and receives his parcel and marks the end of courier process and the waybill status changes to “PODed”

Note That:

We are the process of creating e-waybill whereby clients will be able create their own waybills which will automatically updates into Fargo courier system hence avoiding the issue of misdelivery and wrong billing.


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