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You can now track any product you purchase on selected E-commerce sites like Masoko (Safaricom), Jumia and Kilimall. Just use your order number and you are good to go. You can also use your MPESA confirmation code to track parcels. For a list of all E-commerce sites supported on this program, click here. For more info, contact us .

Courier Track and Trace ver. 3.0. Last updated Feb 26 2018

Shipment Details
Waybill Number:2990726 Waybill Date:02-06-2018
From:Nairobi Fargo Hub To:Machakos
Service Type:OVS Shippers Reference:_
Parcels Sent: 1 Parcel(s) Total Waybill Weight: 0.25 KG
Proof of Delivery (POD) for this parcel.
Waybill Status: Proof of delivery
Receiver Name Felix Muli  ID Number27677638
Delivery Date04-06-2018  Delivery Time12:46:00
Parcels PODed 1 Parcel(s)  E-POD Download E-POD
Sender DetailsRecipient Details
janette mutindafelix-telkom
_ TO CONFRIM 00524 Nairobi_ 90100 Machakos
Contact Person: _Contact Person: _
Waybill Event Tracking
Waybill 2990726 invoiced on invoice number 00042530 - run number 00020728 09-07-2018 11:53:00 Nairobi
Waybill has been PODed 04-06-2018 12:49:00 Machakos
Waybill 2990726 delivered 04-06-2018 12:48:00 Machakos
Waybill allocated to delivery MCK-00253720 - MCK 04-06-2018 06:07:00 Machakos
Waybill allocated to linehaul HDO206250 HDO to MCK 03-06-2018 23:16:00 Nairobi
Waybill created 02-06-2018 14:20:00 Nairobi

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