The Rhino Charge

rhino charge

For over 26 years, Rhino Ark Charitable fund has been supporting the conservation of Kenya’s ‘water towers’ which act as the source of the country’s water resources”. This has been done by helping develop sustainable solutions to the challenges facing mountain forest ecosystems and threatened biodiversity areas. The cornerstone of this conservation mission is the building, expansion and continuous maintenance of Electric Fence Projects such as the Aberdare, Mount Kenya and Mau Mount Eburu forest ecosystems. These fences are crucial management tools for ensuring the lasting integrity of the ecosystem. To achieve and sustain the success of this kind of project, over the years, Rhino Ark has partnered with public and private organizations in order to raise funds. One such fund raising event is the Rhino Charge Charitable Funding.

Over the last nine years, Fargo Group has participated in the Rhino Charge Charitable event and with donations from suppliers, other sponsors and own contribution, managed to raise a total of Ksh. 13,754,270.64 for this worthy exercise. We are proud to announce that we will once again participate in the Rhino Charge 2015, which is scheduled for the 1st of June 2015. Fargo group will participate as Team ‘Sally Slop Cabbage’ in car No. 58, “The Victorious Secrets” in car No. 59 and the “Smiling Shenzis” in  No. 22  who will try to better their 2014 second finish.

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