The Galana Conservancy

galana conservancy

The Galana Water Conservancy (GWC) was created in March 2008 and is a 60,000-acre conservancy located east of Tsavo East National Park, North of Galana river,  within the existing agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) Galana Ranch. The three main communities living in the Galana are the Orma, Watta and Giriama.

Access to the Conservancy is through air (there are three airstrips in and around GWC) and road. The main gate is situated at the south-east end across the Galana causeway. During heavy rains whence the water level is too high to safely cross the crossway. One may also drive in through the Tsavo East National Park border.

The GWC was set up to protect the last remaining “Tuskers”. (Big Tusked Elephants) in Tsavo. The location was paramound in creating a buffer zone to limit the human/ wildlife conflict that was being suffered in the area.

Wells Fargo Ltd & Fargo Courier assist the WGC in providing funding to the Project to enable continuation of road building / dam creation for water to be available in the conservancy. Additional to which (friends From Ireland- FFI) have assisted in building a school to provide education and awareness in the area for animals as well as a dispensary to increase the health and sanitation of the people in the Galana Conservancy.

GWC is very grateful for the support that the Fargo Family have provided to the projects, without their support, the community and wildlife of the area would not thrive as it currently is. We rely heavily on tourism and for a lower fee than that of the Tsavo National Park, you can visit the conservancy and see the wonders of Tsavo that we all enjoy. The fee accumulated by collection at the gate is shared between ADC and GWC and so the awareness of the conservancy is paramount. Please visit us on and thanks again Fargo“, Garry Cullen, Secretary GWC


Helping To Build A Future Through The Support Of Community Development In Africa

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce that University College Dublin and Pwani University, Kenya have signed Memorandum of Understanding to facilitate academic and student exchanges between our two countries.

The agreements follow an intense period of negotiation and consultation between University College Dublin and Pwani University in Kenya which were facilitated throughout by the NGOs Friends From Ireland, The Galana Wildlife Conservancy Kenya, the Watamu Marine Association Kenya and the Agricultural Development Corporation of Kenya. [Read more…]

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