Fargo Archiving

fargo archiving

As your business grows and changes, your storage also needs to evolve. Yet without an effective way to manage your growing volume of paper and electronic information, you are facing higher costs, lower productivity and increased compliance risk. With Fargo’s archiving and secure data management services, you can develop and manage a secure, fully integrated document management program that lowers your costs, speeds access to the information your organization needs in order to be productive while minimizing your compliance and risks.

Our Service Provides:
A solidly built 10,000 sq. ft warehouse located on Enterprise road where we provide:

  • Secure data document storage
  • Secure box & file storage and management services
  • Collection, storage and distribution services
  • Retrieval services
  • Physical records management
  • Confidential destruction services
  • Short and long term storage

Value added services includes secure Data protection through secondary Cloud secure storage services.

The warehouse is manned by qualified staff and has strong security features consisting of day and night guards, CCTV coverage, Alarms system and smoke detectors provided by our sister company Wells Fargo.

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