Christmas Trust Fund

christmas trust fund

Our support to various Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) initiatives includes The Christmas Trust Fund which holds the well known and sought-after Annual Craft Fair and Funds event at the Ngong Racecourse. For the past 13 years, Fargo has consistently participated in this worthy event both as a major corporate sponsor and as an organising partner. The Christmas Fair raises and donates approximately 3.4 million Kenya shillings, with the majority benefit going into support of education and medical assistance, to the needy such as, but not limited to, street children projects, orphanages and the Nairobi Hospice.

Our Executive Director,  Mrs. Gai Cullen,  is one of the Trustees of the event along with many volunteers,  all of whom give their time and effort to make this event the success it has grown to be. In essence, the fair not only provides  opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their products but also presents a charitable way to network whilst helping those in need.

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