Frequently Asked Questions

Do you collect and deliver on weekends?

Fargo Courier work Monday to Saturday and can also organize a dedicated delivery or collection on Sundays if you require.

Do you accept oversized or non-standard shipments?

Fargo Courier has services to satisfy all your delivery needs, so whether overweight, outside the excepted dimensions, requires dedicated handling or even an armed escort services, please contact your nearest branch.

Do you deliver to remote and rural areas?

Fargo Courier delivers to all the remote corners of Kenya. Please contact our Customer Service Centre or you’re nearest Branch to get a competitive quote and delivery timeline.

Can I collect my items from one of your branches?

Fargo Courier has over 30 branches nationwide, each with secure facilities for documents and parcels to be stored and collected on site. Please ensure the parcel is addressed to the attention of the receiver at the destination Fargo Courier branch and the receiver carries an Identification Card when collecting for verification purposes.

If I’m not in when my parcel/document is being delivered, what happens?

When the receiver is not at the address, Fargo Courier will contact you to organize a repeat delivery attempt.

What labelling and packaging advice can you give?

If you are a user of our online booking system or are a regular contracted customer, an automatic label will be generated or you will have a label template. Please ensure you write the full physical address of both the sender and receiver, with all contacts details clearly given. All items must be packaged in single units, not tied together and if fragile, with adequate protection and padding added to avoid breakage.

How do I insure my items?

In addition to the standard Fargo Courier liability, we can provide insurance to all our online and contracted customers. Simply follow the instructions online or contact our customer care to find out more.

How do I send a package using Fargo Courier?

Simply click on the ‘Book a Courier’ tab on the top right of your screen or contact you’re nearest branch to book a collection.

Is there anything you don’t deliver?

The following is a list of items we don’t deliver:
* Currency
* Live Animals
* Jewellery, Bullion, Precious Stones & Gems
* Firearms / Explosives /Military Material
* Hazardous/Radio Active Materials and Poisons
* Pornography
* Drugs/Narcotics (illegal)
* Human Remains (including Ashes)
* Counterfeit or Pirated goods or material

Special Precautions:

* Liquor
* Perfumes

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