Fargo Courier Hub


courier hub

Key on Fargo’s strategic vision and plan is to acquire the best infrastructure and advance our service level and capability. To this end, Fargo has invested in a 182,000 sq ft. facility, the largest fully automated domestic hub in Kenya. This purpose built, self-contained security complex is designed to co-ordinate and control the various aspects of company’s operational and administrative functions. The premises will also allow room for future expansions and enhancements on the Hub and bespoke Operations – specifically the installation of conveyor belts, X-ray scanners and be the first domestic courier provider with a fully automated bar coding tracking capability nationwide.


This is aimed at enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of sorting and delivering, improve inventory accuracy as well as to accelerate day-to-day operations. Fargo is always adapting its capacity and capability to meet the growing clientele base as well as the ever increasing demands of both ad hoc and contracted customers.


The facility has a futuristic commercial vault for the storage and warehousing of high-value commodities and this will enable clients to have the peace of mind that no matter what we are warehousing, we have the solution for you. this service may also be convenient for items that may not fit within the Valuables-In-Transit service. This service option also provides for an All-Risk Insurance coverage hence enhancing the peace of mind and assurance to our clients, that their items are safe, secure and protected.

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