Courier Technology

courier technology

Fargo Courier is now investing in developing new and enhanced services to meet the varying needs of existing and potential customers, supported by our unique “On Time;Every Time” assurance. As a professional courier company, our objective is simply to be the best. As part of living our F.A.R.G.O values, customers will find that from the moment they book their courier service request, right through to successful delivery, they will experience a level of service and personal attention that others find tough to match.

Fargo has also embraced web-based technology to further enhance service choices to our customers. Through our Fargo “Book-A-Courier Service”, at the touch of a screen or click of a button, customers have a choice of booking a collection request using their computers, tabs or mobile phones.

Fargo courier also invested in Track and Trace technology, making it the first courier company in the region to allow customers to track their shipments. for more information about track and trace, click here


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